Meet Lindsey

My name is Lindsey and I'm a San Francisco-based designer. If you can't already tell from the title of the blog, I love butter and design—specifically, butter in baked goods. I'm an all butter kind of baker. When I'm not baking or designing, I'm usually recruiting my friends and family for lazy hangouts. What are lazy hangouts, you ask? They involve Netflix, baked goods, and wine.

10 random facts about me (in no particular order):

  1. One of my favorite snacks is slightly overdone popcorn. It’s SO weird, I know. But I love it.
  2. I’m addicted to storytelling. I’m a Netflix, audio book, and podcast addict. I’m always listening to something when I’m working.
  3. I am not a morning person at all. 
  4. Sometimes I dance in the kitchen when I’m baking. Because why not?
  5. Poor typography and design upset me. Don’t even get me started about signs with poor kerning (spacing between letters)
  6. Sometimes I buy food or alcohol solely based on the design of the packaging. 
  7. I organize everything by color–my clothes, books, phone apps–you name it. It sounds obsessive, but I’m a visual person. I can’t help it.
  8. Despite being a food blogger, I’m lazy about cooking for myself. When I’m home alone, fending for myself, I will gladly eat Shin Ramyun or cereal for dinner.
  9. I’m obsessed with fancy candles and adorable stationery. I have a whole collection of them scattered all over my apartment.
  10. There’s a small portion of my brain that still believes that I can still stay healthy if I maintain a diet of dessert, Shin Ramyun, and cereal, but exercise regularly.

Also, I’m a huge believer in Shine Theory.


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