International Home + Housewares 2015

International Home + Housewares Show 2015
A review of the International Home + Housewares Show in 2015.

If you love cookware and bakeware, then you should definitely check out the International Home + Housewares show. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a blogger luncheon and hear Ree Drumond, The Pioneer Woman, speak. She was warm and lovely and I couldn’t have asked for more. This took place at the International Home + Housewares Show—the first event I was attending as a blogger—and I was a little overwhelmed. However, I made it my mission to find some exciting brands/products to review and I narrowed it down to my top three:


Simply Baked

Simply Baked by Christy Designs was such a fun booth and I was immediately drawn to it. I had the opportunity to meet Christy, the owner, and talk to her about the gorgeous paper goods her company provides. First off, the baking cups are amazing! Their beautifully designed paper baking cups are just to die for. They have fun patterns and colors and the color will even hold when you bake with them (see their cuteness up close here)! More importantly, Simply Baked recently came out with a takeout line I’m crazy about. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself struggling to transport my baked goods in attractive, disposable containers. Sometimes I just don’t want to lug around tupperware after I go to a a picnic or a pot luck. Basically, I love all of Simply Baked’s products. You can purchase their products from Simply BakedSur La Table, or Amazon.


Guys, my inner nerd was screaming with excitement when I saw PancakeBot. You can laser print your own pancakes with any custom design you want. My immediate thought was: typographic pancakes. I KNOW. The creator, Miguel Valenzuela, was originally inspired to make his first prototype when he read the Blockheads article from Make magazine about building prototypes with LEGOS. While the finished product is a thing of beauty, I sort of wish I could order the LEGO prototype, because duh, LEGOs. Valenzuela’s daughters were a big inspiration behind PancakeBot, so naturally, they got to be his taste testers. Valenzuela is currently working with StoreBound so PancakeBot should soon be available for purchase. Keep an eye out!


Oak Bottle

Oak Bottle is a company based out of Chicago that creates Oak Bottles that can age small batches of wine, whiskey, and oils. It sounds too good to be true, but it works! Not only does this have the potential to save you money when you’re buying alcohol, but you can also infuse flavor through the Oak Bottle. Who wouldn’t want an easy way of transforming their two buck chuck into smooth, sophisticated wine? You can learn more about the aging process here. If you buy from Oak Bottle, you’ll be supporting a local company. Check them out!