• Oyster Fest

    Mark your calendars, everyone. Shaw’s Oyster Fest is coming to Chicago next week!  Ever since my trip to San Francisco, I’ve been craving oysters non-stop. Some of the best seafood restaurants  in Chicago will be at Oyster Fest serving up their best oysters and seafood dishes. I’m literally counting down the days until this event.  I probably won’t eat any meals that day in preparation for all the eating I will do when I’m at Oyster Fest (#priorities). For those of you who are more “land” than “sea” people, you’ll also have plenty of non-seafood options from Bub City, Shake Shack, and more. Attendees will also be able to throw back some ice cold local craft beers with their food throughout the night. Tickets for admission are only $30 (food and beverage not included), but guess what? I have a discount promo code for you! Enter the promo code BUTTER to receive $10 off your general admission ticket! 

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