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Bloglovin Obsession
A review of why I love Bloglovin and how I’ve used it to discover new, amazing blogs.

Okay guys, I’m a month and a half into this blog and there’s still so much I’m discovering! One of the best things I’ve discovered is Bloglovin. I know, I’m a little late to the game, but for those of you who are just as unaware as I once was, let me explain. The best analogy for Bloglovin is that it’s like Pinterest for blogs. I KNOW, right? You can search for specific blogs, or you can browse blogs according to categories of content. Bloglovin also has iOS and Android apps so you can stay caught up on your favorite blogs no matter where you are. After I set up the Butter & Type Bloglovin page, I started to explore the site. Four and a half hours later, I discovered 100+ blogs that I loved. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite new blogs, courtesy of Bloglovin.

Five Favorite Blogs for April:

  1. A Pair & A Spare // Bloglovin
    I got lost in a click spiral on A Pair & A Spare because this blog covers basically everything. The DIY tutorials cover everything you never knew you needed. The packing tips are perfect, the fashion on point, and the DIY tutorials will fill your life with beautiful things. I’m especially obsessed with the DIY Camera Bag tutorial. I’m going to try it and report back—stay tuned!
  2. Elle & Company // Bloglovin
    I don’t know what I would do without Elle & Company. It’s filled to the brim with extremely helpful blogging/marketing posts and I can’t get enough of! Since I’m a brand new blogger, I’ve been very grateful for the Elle & Company’s helpful posts about Squarespace features and other blogging tools like Mailchimp (this post helped me build my weekly newsletter!). This blog also contains helpful posts about basic design and marketing tips. Elle & Company is my go-to resource!
  3. Top With Cinnamon // Bloglovin
    This is a pretty awesome food blog — I mean, look at these gluten-free Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches. Yeah, you read that. Every recipe has beautiful food shots, but my favorites posts are the ones with killer animated gifs. Scrolling through Top With Cinnamon posts made me realize my gif game needs some major improvement.
  4. Jennypurr // Bloglovin
    Jennypurr has been another source of inspiration to me in these early blogging stages. I appreciate the longer posts for topics like How Creative Fear Can Hold Us Back from Blogging Without Boundaries because as a designer AND a blogger, I deal with a lot of the same balancing acts and dilemnas in both worlds. Jennypur reminds me to be focused and stay mindful of the work that I produce.
  5. Local Adventurer // Bloglovin
    I love traveling. My Pinterest account is filled with pictures of beautiful, far off places that I’ve been adding to my bucket list. But after browsing through Local Adventurer, I developed and urge to travel within the U.S. They have some kick-ass photos of their domestic travels that made me realize I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have an amazing adventure.For example, check out the 11 Beautiful Canyons in the US You Must Explore. I’m lacing up my hiking boots right now!

Now that I’ve told you about some of my favorite new finds, make sure to sign up at Bloglovin to discover some other awesome blogs! Don’t forget to follow Butter & Type here and subscribe to the newsletter so you can stay in the loop. It’s hard to stay on top of all the digital content we consume, but if you take the time, you can form some pretty awesome online networks.

So in the spirit of old school friendship in a a digital era, I leave you with an animated gif of Gerald and Arnold (aka Football Head).

  • Esther JuLee

    Thank you for including us! :) Let me know what hikes / canyons you're thinking of exploring next. :)

    • Lindsey Tom

      Definitely! Thanks for stopping by, Esther!

  • Lauren Hooker

    I'm so honored to be featured in your round-up! Welcome to the Bloglovin' community - it's been such a helpful traffic source for my blog. I'm thrilled that you've been following along with Elle & Company, Lindsey. Thanks again for the mention today!

    • Lindsey Tom

      Thanks for stopping by, Lauren! I can't get enough of your blog!