Oh, Hello

First blog post! 

I’m pretty excited about this blog. I’ve been itching to share all of my baking and design adventures in a space bigger than an Instagram square. Make no mistake—I love Instagram—but I needed more space to talk about the process that lead to the photo. For example, there was the time I thought I could bake a Funfetti Japanese Cotton Cheesecake while also doing laundry, washing the dishes, and watching Property Brothers. Suffice it to say, that was a gigantic disaster. Or the time I discovered (late in the game) the Recolor Artwork tool in Adobe Illustratorand like a kid with no limits, recolored every piece of vector artwork I could find. If either of those anecdotes sound remotely interesting to you, come back next week for more!

I leave you with this:

  • Jonas Feliciano

    So. Freakin. Excited.